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Weight Reduction Tutorial (DE/EN)

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What content does this course offer?

In this video course you will learn how to reduce your weight with suitable foods. The course is in German with English subtitles. You will learn the reasons why sugar is very harmful to health and causes weight gain. A lesson tells you why diets are senseless and usually even dangerous to health. You will also learn about sports that are also suitable for untrained people and how you can motivate yourself to do so, even if sports are not absolutely necessary for weight loss. You will also receive help on exactly what you can do if you do not want to exercise in weight loss. Find out what helps against hunger attacks and how you can still achieve your goal. In a lesson, you will learn the meaning of the Glycemic Index and the Glycemic Load and how you can use both to achieve your weight loss goal.

The video course specifically explains healthy and unhealthy foods that you should prefer or avoid. You will learn the advantages of self-prepared dishes.

Zusätzlich bietet Ihnen der Video-Kurs eine psychische Unterstützung für Ihr Vorhaben mithilfe eines Motivations-Tagebuchs zu Ihrer Verfügung und hilft Ihnen, eine dauerhafte Entscheidung zu einer Ernährungsumstellung zu treffen. Der gesamte Kurs ist motivierend aufgebaut und erläutert ebenfalls die häufigen Ursachen mangelnder Motivation, wodurch Menschen ihren Zielen nicht näherkommen. In den letzten Lektionen wird der sinnvolle Umgang mit Stress, Frust und Einsamkeit behandelt – Lebenssituationen, die maßgeblich Ihr Gewicht beeinflussen können.

In addition, you will find 20 delicious, healthy recipes in the course materials plus two bonus recipes, a seasonal calendar for fruit, vegetables and salads, a list of those foods that usually contain an undetected amount of sugar, the Freiburg Nutrition Protocol for logging your food, one List of suitable or unsuitable foods for weight loss as well as helpful links.


Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for overweight people who would like to reduce their weight on their own, but without hiring a local nutritionist. Martina Ledermann, nutritionist, guides you step by step to your goal in this video course.

About the instructor
Martina Ledermann works as a nutritionist, author, translator, painter and graphic designer. Also she has knowledge in webdesign. She studied education (pre-diploma) and Slavic studies at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe University for several years. In previous years, the lecturer was active as a local adviser in the Frankfurt-Nordend local advisory board. Since 2006 she has been running a sole proprietorship in the aforementioned areas. She has authored several books on healthy eating and other topics, among other things.

Martina Ledermann completed her training as a nutritionist (after a state-approved training) at the OTL Academy in Berlin and has been working in this area since the beginning of 2019. Her specialty - weight coaching for overweight people - is close to her heart.