Extension of offer - translations CZ-DE, EN-DE, nutrition - gastronomy - animal feed



Since 2006, I offer translation services CZ-DE, EN-DE in various fields (technology, archeology, tourism, culture, history). Now, as a trained nutritionist, I am expanding my portfolio and am pleased to be able to offer you translations in the field of nutrition.

My offer:

As a trained nutritionist, I can offer you translations from English/Czech to German in the following areas:

  • Human nutrition
  • Pet food
  • Gastronomy (menus, etc.)
  • Food technology
  • Wholesale and retail food
  • General food

Der Preis pro Wort beträgt EUR 0,08. Individually agreed prices may apply to Czech agencies.

If you need a specialist translation in the field of nutrition / gastronomy, I would be happy to assist you as a specialist translator with a degree in nutrition.

Please write to for inquiries


or call me at

Phone: 069-40354814

Mobile: 0151-46798365

I am looking forward to hearing from you!