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Most people want to look good and look attractive. These characteristics are particularly important to women. In Germany, however, about 60% of all people are overweight. The reasons are the rich food supply in Germany, the prosperity of people and wrong eating habits, which also cause numerous diseases such as diabetes mellitus and high cholesterol as well as obesity. Even children are often overweight in infancy. They are comforted with chocolate and other sweets, rewarded or given them on holidays. Hardly anyone is aware that this is already laying a lifelong basis for obesity. In addition, children have bad teeth and dentists warn of periodontitis and tooth decay. I too was rewarded with chocolate and received it on certain festive days, so that I often had to go to the dentist as a child, which scared me a lot.

All people should be on a balanced and healthy diet with little sugar, fat (except omega-3 fats) and salt in moderation.

When are you overweight?

In general, a BMI of over 25 is slightly overweight. This is divided into different levels up to the most severe degree of obesity with a BMI over 40. Nevertheless, you should take into account that people over 40 are usually still of normal weight even with a higher BMI. If, for example, you have a BMI of 25.9 at 44, this is completely unproblematic, since the weight increases with increasing age and is still within the normal range. You can do this with the BMI-Rechner der Techniker-Krankenkasse determine. There has been a certain amount of hype about the weight, so that many people who would not need it want to lose weight.

Of course, if you have a BMI from 28 upwards, you can assume that you are overweight. No matter what age you are. Then you should definitely consider reducing your weight.

How can I reduce my weight sustainably and healthily?

Generell: Lassen Sie die Finger von Diäten! Es hilft nur eine konsequente Ernährungsumstellung wie ich Sie in meinem Udemy-Video-Kurs “Schmackhaft, nachhaltig und gesund abnehmen” detailliert beschreibe. Sie lernen in diesem Kurs, welche Nahrungsmittel für eine Gewichtsreduktion geeignet sind, welche Lebensmittel weniger geeignet sind, wie Sie Hungerattacken sinnvoll begegnen können, welche Auswirkungen psychische Faktoren wie Stress und Einsamkeit haben und wie Sie all dies in Ihrem Leben zum Positiven wenden können. Außerdem wendet sich der Kurs nicht nur an Sportbegeisterte, sondern auch an Sportmuffel, die mit einem Mindestmaß an Bewegung leben möchten oder müssen. In dem Kurs gebe ich genaue Anleitungen wie selbst ein Sportmuffel Gewicht reduzieren kann ohne Sport treiben zu müssen.


Extension of offer - translations CZ-DE, EN-DE, nutrition - gastronomy - animal feed



Since 2006, I offer translation services CZ-DE, EN-DE in various fields (technology, archeology, tourism, culture, history). Now, as a trained nutritionist, I am expanding my portfolio and am pleased to be able to offer you translations in the field of nutrition.

My offer:

As a trained nutritionist, I can offer you translations from English/Czech to German in the following areas:

  • Human nutrition
  • Pet food
  • Gastronomy (menus, etc.)
  • Food technology
  • Wholesale and retail food
  • General food

Der Preis pro Wort beträgt EUR 0,08. Individually agreed prices may apply to Czech agencies.

If you need a specialist translation in the field of nutrition / gastronomy, I would be happy to assist you as a specialist translator with a degree in nutrition.

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or call me at

Phone: 069-40354814

Mobile: 0151-46798365

I am looking forward to hearing from you!


Christmas Holidays Calorie Bomb - How To Avoid Gaining Weight



What happens at christmas

Christmas is the time of love, generosity, gifts and - sumptuous food! Christmas geese, dominoes, cinnamon sticks, chocolate Santa Clauses, chocolate biscuits, vanilla biscuits and many other sweet treats are enticing. Since you don't want to offend the hosts, a festive meal usually means more is eaten than is sensible.

How can you resist the Christmas delights?

You don't need that! The magic word is: hold true. You can of course take part in a festive dinner or eat some cookies, dominoes or Santa Claus. It is important that you eat these foods in moderation and do not eat more than usual during the festive dinner. It helps a lot to drink a glass of water before the big feast. Then the stomach is already a little full, and the fat, high-energy dishes don't fit as much into the stomach. With cookies, dominoes etc. you should limit the amount to 30-50 g per day. Nobody tells you that the pack of dominoes has to be eaten in one day. In addition, the sweet treat will become something special that you can treat yourself to.

Movement is the be-all and end-all

Keep moving even on Christmas holidays! After the sumptuous Christmas dinner, you can go for a walk in a park or in the forest with the entire Christmas party. The food digests faster and you do not run the risk of gaining too much.

I struck too much when eating, what can I do?

No problem, the banquet tastes of course much better in society and so you often more. The following days after the festivities, however, you should eat light, nutrient-rich and low-energy dishes, such as salads (e.g. lamb's lettuce), light Chinese dishes, Thai dishes, other rice dishes with vegetables, a vegetable soup. The vegetables also stimulate digestion and can normalize everything in the body that got out of hand during the festive season with regard to food.

With all my heart I wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas and a happy new year 2019!