Organic fruits and vegetables: should this really be?


Today I would like to share my position on organic fruit and vegetables in this post.

How is the situation?

Many people who value a healthy diet buy organic fruit and vegetables at significantly higher prices. It is not even the organic farmers who dictate these high prices, but the supermarkets. You want to get the greatest possible turnover from the sale of these foods. The producers receive only a very small share of the turnover.

It is important to note that there are no harmful chemical pesticides that can cause various intolerances and interactions in the organic fruit and vegetables; nevertheless, organic farmers must also spray certain natural pesticides, such as copper sulfate, onto fruit and vegetable plants so that no vermin form, which of course does not differentiate between conventional and organic cultivation. Bugs can be found everywhere.

Die weit verbreitete Meinung, Bio-Obst und Bio-Gemüse enthalte gar keine Pestizide, stimmt so nicht. Es sind “bessere”, weniger schädliche Pestizide, die dieses Obst und Gemüse enthält.

It is also important to know that the limit values that apply to pesticides must be observed for all products that come from the EU. You should be careful with fruits and vegetables from Asian shops, as the origin and protection are unclear.

The big disadvantage of conventional fruits and vegetables, however, is that there can be interactions between the individual pesticides that are used. That is, if you have pesticide A on the apples and pesticide B on the bananas, they both eat, then there may be toxicological interactions. I see this as a major disadvantage of conventional vegetables. The source of this information is the statement of a recognized toxicologist from Germany, who announced this in a TV report.

My conclusion:

If you can and want to afford it financially, buy organic fruits and vegetables. However, if you are a smoker, you already have a high amount of pesticides and poisons in your cigarettes, so in this case it makes little sense to buy organic fruit and vegetables at high prices. In my opinion, this would hardly have a positive effect, since smoking contains such a high amount of toxins that even organic products would hardly have a positive effect.

Non-smokers and allergy sufferers, on the other hand, can protect themselves well against the above-mentioned interactions with organic fruit and organic vegetables. Nevertheless, it is thanks to the greed for profit in supermarkets that these foods are so immensely expensive. For example, you can get conventional oranges for around EUR 1.99, while the organic version costs at least EUR 3.99 for around 1.5 kg. A huge price difference of EUR 2.00.

People who have to live on the subsistence level can only afford these organic foods if they shop very consciously, carefully and very economically, otherwise this would not be possible. The food shopping cart for transfer recipients is a basket of terror for a nutritionist:

  • Cheapest, fat (liver) sausage,
  • Packet soups,
  • Lots of convinience products,
  • Few fruit or vegetables,
  • Instead of healthy mineral water, water should be drunk from the tap, etc.

So you should not feed people with state aid.