Christmas Holidays Calorie Bomb - How To Avoid Gaining Weight



What happens at christmas

Christmas is the time of love, generosity, gifts and - sumptuous food! Christmas geese, dominoes, cinnamon sticks, chocolate Santa Clauses, chocolate biscuits, vanilla biscuits and many other sweet treats are enticing. Since you don't want to offend the hosts, a festive meal usually means more is eaten than is sensible.

How can you resist the Christmas delights?

You don't need that! The magic word is: hold true. You can of course take part in a festive dinner or eat some cookies, dominoes or Santa Claus. It is important that you eat these foods in moderation and do not eat more than usual during the festive dinner. It helps a lot to drink a glass of water before the big feast. Then the stomach is already a little full, and the fat, high-energy dishes don't fit as much into the stomach. With cookies, dominoes etc. you should limit the amount to 30-50 g per day. Nobody tells you that the pack of dominoes has to be eaten in one day. In addition, the sweet treat will become something special that you can treat yourself to.

Movement is the be-all and end-all

Keep moving even on Christmas holidays! After the sumptuous Christmas dinner, you can go for a walk in a park or in the forest with the entire Christmas party. The food digests faster and you do not run the risk of gaining too much.

I struck too much when eating, what can I do?

No problem, the banquet tastes of course much better in society and so you often more. The following days after the festivities, however, you should eat light, nutrient-rich and low-energy dishes, such as salads (e.g. lamb's lettuce), light Chinese dishes, Thai dishes, other rice dishes with vegetables, a vegetable soup. The vegetables also stimulate digestion and can normalize everything in the body that got out of hand during the festive season with regard to food.

With all my heart I wish you a merry and peaceful Christmas and a happy new year 2019!



Healthy grilling - recommended contribution



Barbecuing is particularly popular in summer and late summer. Many years ago my family doctor told me that especially people in some Eastern European countries (Croatia, Serbia) get cancer more often than we do because they eat a lot of grilled food.

Post tip

Heute entdeckte ich einen sehr interessanten Beitrag im Ärzteblatt zum Thema “Gesundes Grillen”, dass ich Ihnen an dieser Stelle verlinken möchte. Es ist mir nicht erlaubt, diese Inhalte einfach in meinem Artikel praktisch von der Webseite des Ärztesblattes abzuschreiben. Deshalb verlinke sie.

If you follow the recommended tips, there is nothing to be said against barbecuing once a month. In my opinion, however, it should not be more common since not all carcinogenic substances can be eliminated. Statistics show that every third person gets cancer at least once in their life. This is an alarming number - and it's not just smokers who get cancer. It can also affect people who otherwise live healthy, do not smoke, do not consume alcohol excessively and still develop cancer.

Therefore, when grilling, pay attention to the information given in the linked article and nothing stands in the way of your grilling fun.



Inexpensive cooking under USD 5.00



Many people have to or want to save. Your budget for nutrition is usually just under EUR 5.00. Even people who are at work but still in debt are advised to make do with USD 5.00 budget for their diet and to pay off the debt from the money saved. With a USD 5.00 budget you can eat a healthy diet, this is possible.

What do I have to consider staying on a budget of less than USD 5.00?

It is significant that you do without the usual supermarket atmosphere and go shopping in discounters. Discounter is not synonymous with poor quality, but with an inexpensive organic and conventional range that tastes good. Most discounters now have their own organic brand.

It also makes sense if you stray from brand belief and also that beautiful packaging automatically includes good food. They are clever, skillful graphic designers who design such beautiful packaging so that the customer definitely buys this product.

The contents of the packaging cannot be inferred under any circumstances. You can see this in nicely opened chocolates or gummy bears, which have hardly any healthy nutrients, but all the more fat and sugar. Gummy bears contain 46% sugar. The rest are flavors or fruit juice.

Please never go shopping hungry because then much more will end up in your shopping cart than you originally wanted to buy. Make a shopping list with a smartphone app or the classic way with a sticky note and pen and stick to this list while shopping. So you can also calculate something that the planned purchase will cost you.

If you are single, please do not be surprised that you naturally spend more than USD 15.00 for three days per purchase. This is because, among other things, you buy packs that can last for several weeks with 500 g of rice, for example. Overall, however, you shouldn't spend much more on average, if possible. You can find out how this can work if you read on.

What foods should I buy?

In erster Linie sollten Sie dafür sorgen, dass Sie immer einen Vorrat an den sogenannten “Grundnahrungsmitteln” zuhause haben. Dazu zählen:

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Butter
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Oatmeal
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Nuts
  • Rusk (for stomach upset and diarrhea)
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Mineral water
  • Bread (or a baking mix)
  • Honey

From these ingredients, which form the basis, you can conjure up delicious dishes that don't cost much by buying in fruit, vegetables, salads, meat, sausages and fish.

It makes sense to buy fruit and vegetables there (half an hour before the end of the weekly market) (cheaper also in larger quantities). The traders want to get rid of the fruit and vegetables in the evening, since they can no longer offer them the next day. Then you should access. Sometimes you get 2 kg of peppers at a bargain price.

Do you think that you cannot eat such large amounts and that you get sick? Deal with the shelf life methods of food. These are:

  • Freeze
  • Drying
  • Preserving in mason jars
  • Pickled in oil or vinegar
  • Prepare jam or compote

For example, if you chop these 4 lb peppers and blanch them, you can freeze them for about 3 months. They taste delicious after thawing and also have the most vitamins. Freezing is a very gentle form of preservation. You can also do this with many types of fruit (e.g. berries) that taste excellent after they have been thawed. However, I advise against sugaring these berries, otherwise they will become calorie bombs in addition to the natural fructose. This only shortens the shelf life. Freeze unsweetened berries for a maximum of 2-3 months.

If you buy fresh fruits and vegetables, you should go for the cheaper regional and seasonal fruits and vegetables. I have a free seasonal calendar here on the website in the download area, which you are welcome to download. Lesser known, older fruits and vegetables are also mentioned there. Then you always know which fruit or vegetable is currently in season.

In season, you can get tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, lamb's lettuce, leeks, berries etc. very cheap. However, you should definitely avoid strawberries in December. These are often available, but far too expensive when is not the season.

If you buy sausage from a butcher or sausage counter, always ask which sausage is currently on offer. Here it can also be worthwhile to shop shortly before the shop closes. A mixed cold cuts is usually inexpensive. However, you should not overdo it with sausage, as some varieties, e.g. salami sausage, liver sausage are extremely fat and therefore very unhealthy.

Make a sandwich with radishes or tomatoes and garnish with parsley. A sandwich or roll with hard-boiled egg slices (very high in protein) is also delicious. These would be a few alternatives to a sausage topping.

You should refrain from reduced meat products, especially minced meat. It is often the shopkeepers who have been hanging around for a few days. Please only buy meat from the refrigerated counter at the normal price, even if you have to live economically.

Which foods should I avoid or only very rarely buy?

There are foods that people who want or need to save should better avoid or only them very rarely buy. These include:

  • Alcohol
  • Sweets
  • Chocolates/Chocolate
  • Ice cream
  • Convenience products
  • Preserved fruits and vegetables
  • Exotic fruits (except oranges, lemons and kiwi)
  • Softdrinks
  • Lemonades
  • Fruit nectar, fruit juice (fresh "direct" juice is ok)
  • Commercial smoothies (expensive, sugar-coated, frequently other fruits then expected)

How can I use leftovers?

Sometimes leftovers remain. You have prepared too much because of hunger and now half the roast is still on the plate. Freeze it! Or put it in a plastic bowl and eat it with some salad or vegetables the next day. And you have already saved a main meal.

Sehr hilfreich sind die Apps (iOS und Android) vom Verbraucherministerium “Zu gut für die Tonne”




Finally, a trick: Instead of the huge shopping cart, please only use the plastic basket to carry the groceries, which many discounters offer next to the shopping cart. Then you have the subjective feeling that you have bought more and there is not so much unnecessary stuff in your shopping cart, which usually looks half empty. I wish you success!






Powerful cough syrup made from natural foods

What are the advantages of this cough syrup?

By chance I came across a very good recipe for a cough syrup during my cold, which resulted in a cold and cough, which I then modified a little. The main ingredients are an onion and sugar candy. You don't need more for the cough syrup. The cough syrup has been shown to be very effective as my husband confirmed that I did not cough all night afterwards. I was able to sleep well. The pain in the chest when coughing up had also disappeared.

Another advantage is that this cough syrup does not contain alcohol or any chemicals. Furthermore, the ingredients are very inexpensive and the cough syrup is made in no time. If you don't have sugar candy on hand, you can try normal table sugar. I assume that since both are considered sugar, this will work.

What ingredients do I need for the cough syrup?

1 onion
1 Handful of sugar candy
300 ml of boiling water

How is the cough syrup prepared?

Cut the onion into small cubes. Put the sugar candy and the onion cubes in a saucepan. Pour on the boiling and simmer for five minutes until the sugar candy has completely dissolved.

Then let the mixture cool and strain into a closable jar with a lid over a sieve. Now your cough syrup is ready and you can drink it 1-3 times a day, preferably in the morning and before going to sleep.

For which people are the cough syrup suitable / not suitable?

Since onion allergies are not so common, this cough syrup is also suitable for allergy sufferers. Also, for abstainers from alcohol, since it contains no alcohol. However, people who just want to follow a reduced-calorie diet should only drink this cough syrup once a day if there are very severe symptoms (2-3 sips are enough). This cough syrup is not suitable for diabetics due to the high sugar content. The sugar would drive up the blood sugar level rapidly.

I wish you a quick, good recovery from your complaints!